Service & Support

Fluid Color

UV Inks, Parts, Sales, Installation, Service and Support for the Handtop USA line-up of Wide Format UV Inkjet Color Printers is provided by Fluid Color, LLC, across North America.

For more information about any of the world-class Handtop USA devices, contact Fluid Color.

Installation & Training

Installation & Training

Whether you purchase new Fluid Color equipment, or quality reconditioned wide format inkjet printers, our installation crews are veteran professionals who can quickly and efficiently install, test and equip your machine to operate at peak performance levels. And because Fluid Color printers are very easy to use, your operators will train quickly under the direct guidance of our support team.



Backed with a 25-year legacy of service and support, Fluid Color is proud to provide industry-leading equipment and operational training to your crew to make sure you can hit the ground running with your new Fluid Color printers.

We are equally proud of our ability to respond promptly to any service needs that may arise, including 24/7 support availability. Our veteran, skilled technicians are pleasant, professional and results–producing.

UV Ink and Parts


You can also count on Fluid Color for fast access to parts, inks and supplies, thanks to our well-stocked U.S. parts warehouse and our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

Rapid response shipping, and personalized fulfillment with phone and electronic follow-up on all orders affords our customers peace of mind knowing that their shipment is expedited and assured of arriving when they need them.



All Fluid Color’s printers are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for two years from date of installation and/or during the period for which an extended service maintenance agreement (SMA) was purchased. Warranty Labor coverage extends one (1) year from date of printer installation and / or during then period for which an extended SMA was purchased. Process color print heads (this includes cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, orange and violet) are covered under Fluid Color LLC’s standard warranty except as specified in the Warranty Statement. Warranty Terms, conditions and exclusions of Fluid Color LLC products are contained within the Limited Warranty Statement available by contacting the company at 1-833-FLUIDUV.

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